Lighthouse Advertising's Light Boxes

Lighthouse Advertising-Light Boxes-in-Dubai

A light box is considered constructions, the front side of which is made of material, which transmits the rays of light, and the side and rear surfaces are made of material, which does not transmit.

Inside the structure the light source is installed, it illuminates the front panel of the construction. The light boxes are an effective tool for the outer and inner (interior) advertising.

Our company is specialized in the production of light boxes and other types of advertising for outdoor allocation guaranteeing all customers the high quality of the finished products

The Materials

The light box, which performs its direct functions qualitatively and efficiently, can only be obtained in combination of several materials in the manufacture.

The most usable materials for the decoration of the front surface are banner fabric with translucent properties; polystyrene; acrylic milk glass; polycarbonate; satin.

The front surface of the light box is an highlighted advertising field, where an image, performing the function of advertising, is inflicted. Our staff consider the advertising functions of the box and its location, when they choose the material for the decoration of the front surface.

The following materials can be used for the decoration of the side surfaces:

  • Aluminum (with the profile thickness up to 18 cm);
  • Plastic (with profile thickness up to 18 cm);
  • Galvanized steel, laminated with vinyl film;
  • In some cases, the side of the light boxes are also made luminous, they are milled, and then the light transmissive material is enclosed inside the structure.

It is usually used for making the rare surface of the light box:

  • Plastic with the thickness of about four millimeters;
  • Materials-composites;
  • Galvanized steel.

The rear surface of light boxes, as a rule, remains invisible, because it adjoins tightly to the wall (the mount is fixed). The exception is the bilateral light boxes, where the front and rare surfaces perform the functions of the advertising field. If you prefer this variant of the manufacture of the light boxes, for the decoration of the rare surface we use the same material as for the front.

The Sources of the Illumination

You can choose the most suitable of several available options of illumination of the light box, ordering LIGHTHOUSE ADVERTISING's light boxes in Dubai:

  • Energy saving lamps (can be used only in the small-sized boxes);
  • LED (led lamps);
  • Fluorescent lamps;
  • Neon lamps.