Things to Know While Renting a Car in Dubai

Car hire in Dubai is common for both the visitors and residents depending on their short-term and long-term needs. Tourists visiting Dubai cannot explore to its fullest if they are dependent on Metro System or taxis. It is the easiest solution for tourists to hire a car and then stop by at the beaches, or spend hours shopping in the malls without any hassle. Many residents also prefer to hire a car than to invest a large amount of savings in buying a car. Contact us now for good economical car packages that cater to your needs efficiently. Also, take a look at things that you must consider while renting a car in Dubai.

Documents and Registration

The first step to rent a car is to collect the documents required for identity and authorization purposes by the car rental companies. If you are a Dubai resident, be sure to bring along a copy of the following documents: passport, residential visa, UAE driving license, and original valid Emirates ID. But if you are a tourist in Dubai, the car rental company will require you your passport, visit visa, international driving license, and your country’s driving license.

Selecting a Vehicle

Selecting a Vehicle

Visit the rental company with the required documents and rent a car easily. It is advisable to research thoroughly on the car renting companies that offer services in Dubai. Read different companies' reviews and then decide based on which of them provides the best packages at discounted rates. Once a company of preference has been shortlisted, it is also critical to select the car that will make your travel smooth and comfortable on the wide highway roads or desert safari in Dubai.

Operation Policy

Before signing the documents for rental make sure to go through the car rental policies. A few car rental companies have strict requirements as to the time of check-in and check out of the car, advance payment in form of security deposits, additional payment for delay in returning the car, or charges for additional car facilities. All this information is easily available on the rental company’s website. Reading through the terms and conditions set out by the rental company will notify you about all the legalities.

Damage and Repair Car

Damage and Repair

Under unforeseen circumstances, if a rental car gets into an accident, the rental company will charge you the amount for repairs even if it wasn’t your fault. Report to the police if there is an accident. However, if a car breaks down while in your possession immediately notify the rental company for help to avoid extra charges for repairs. You must also check carefully assess the car’s condition for any damage that is not notified to the rental company on their records before checking out.

Traffic Policy

Salik is an electronic toll system in Dubai that charges your vehicle as it passes a toll gate. A few rental companies will charge your security deposit for this amount. Drivers must obey the strict traffic rules as any breach of speed limit or safety rules will incur a fine on the driver.