The Benefits of Choosing Yokohama Tyres For Your Vehicle

Driving on the fast lanes in Dubai and UAE can be an exhilarating experience in a luxury, state-of-the-art, high-speed vehicle. That’s when you need the superior comfort and safety of wide-base tires. However, driving at high acceleration can impact the longevity of your tyres and compromise your security, as well as that of other road users and your passengers. The tread tends to wear out much faster and the tyres lose their ability to grip the road. You may have to change them more frequently to ensure safety and fuel efficiency. When value for money is a top priority, along with superb performance, handling, and endurance, Yokohama Tires in UAE is the right choice. They incorporate the latest technological features, skillful engineering, and construction methods along with their trademark combination of rubber compounds. It is also an environmentally responsible organization that aims to operate with minimal environmental impact.

Tyre Technology

Latest Tyre Technology

The company invests heavily in R&D to bring together the newest materials, tyre engineering, human factor research and design in its range of world-class products.

Increased Fuel Economy

These tyres offer 20% less rolling resistance. One of its flagship products, the BlueEarth AE-01 was certified as “A good energy-saving tyre” at a recent benchmarking test in Germany.

Safety and Stability

These products provide high-level steering response that impacts the vehicle’s stability and safer handling at high speeds. Driving in the UAE is marked by frequent and abrupt lane changes at top speed. Cornering and overtaking are other areas where a solid grip and stability are crucial. A trustworthy, dependable set of tyres is a must-have in such conditions.

Less Noisy

The tread design and technology help to prevent water-planning and reduce annoying noises while driving. The silent tyre technology uses unique tread variations to control vibration and noises.

Less Noisy‚Äč

Global Brand

When you select this brand, you know you’ve chosen a well-established, century-old one, with a credible and powerful reputation for quality, service and range of products. Yokohama is well-known in the racing circuit and is equally recognized for use by daily commuters and city drivers.

Match Your Preference

With a wide selection of sizes, end-use, and price points, this brand is a leading international player in its sector. Their All-Season tyres are ideal for sedans, minivans, crossovers and sports coupes. They also have a range of touring tyres that are suitable for driving in wet conditions. For off-roading enthusiasts, winter-driving, SUV drivers and light-truck drivers, the Geolander range is the right choice. Tires and More can provide more details.