Gas vs Electric Water Heaters – Which is More Efficient?

Most homes in the UAE region are either fitted with gas or electric-powered water heater systems. This means that you should already be aware of the current costs involved with your energy infrastructure. But is changing to a different energy type perhaps cheaper in the long-term? This is why we have compared the efficiency of both gas and electric so that you can make a more informed choice. If you are looking for a high efficiency hot water heater, make sure to buy only from a reliable vendor within the UAE.

Conventional Electric System

Compare the Initial Costs

A conventional electric system is substantially cheaper to install, especially since most households already make use of electric water heater infrastructure which means no changes to infrastructure will have to be made. However, if you are looking to install the system in a new home then the electric option will still have the lower outlay while gas will be more expensive simply because the infrastructure needed is slightly more complex.

Monthly Energy Costs

Even though an electric water heater system is cheaper to install, electricity is still more expensive than gas. This means that your month-to-month running costs for an electric system will be higher because of the higher cost of electricity. So, even though a gas system is more expensive at the start, it will be more energy-efficient over the long-term. If you can afford to get the gas system fitted at the start, it would be the more cost-effective option.

Which System Heats Water Faster?

For those with gas stoves and ovens, you might be used to these appliances heating faster than the electric counterparts, but the gas water heaters actually heat slower than the electric units. However, gas water heaters can heat more water per hour than an electric model making them particularly efficient for large households. Also, if a water heater is emptied the gas unit will heat up significantly faster.

Gas Water Heater

Safety and Dependability

While neither gas nor electric models would be allowed on the market if they were not safe, it is less common for electrical problems to occur. Gas leaks are always a concern but if you maintain your gas water heater regularly then there should be no reason for concern. Gas water heaters also prove to be more dependable, especially in the event of a power outage which means that you will still be able to enjoy a hot shower even if your neighbors are in darkness.

The Final Verdict

The initial set up costs of an electric water heater system are lower than that of the gas units. But the monthly running costs, heating efficiency and dependability all fall short to that of the gas water heaters. If you can save up for the initial fitment of the gas system, then you will be able to enjoy cost savings for the lifetime of your water heater. If the largest concern associated with the system is a potential gas leak simply ensure to maintain and check on the system regularly! Now you can get your hands on a UAE best efficient water heater.