Four Popular Budget Cars You Can Rent in Dubai

If you are planning for a short stay in Dubai, you need a budget rent a car Dubai cheap to optimize your time within the Emirate. The city is well-known for its glitz and glamour, thus hiring a car will allow you to reach all its four corners. It is the only way to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy what the world’s most prominent tourist location offers. With an economy car, you will be able to not only attend to visit the city’s abundant tourist attractions but also tend to other transport needs. Here are the four popular economy cars you need to consider in Dubai.

Budget to Rent a Car

Mazda 3

Its design is based on Ford’s platform and is available in two body styles. It is a compact car that was first introduced in the market in 2003. Mazda 3 is performance-oriented and features a more rigid body with a direct-injection engine. The 2019 model is equipped with Sky Active technology with an engine that allows the driver to control the car fully. It is a reliable vehicle that is cheaper to repair and maintain. Also, it is dependable on the road, a thing that makes it an ideal car for a budget option.

Hyundai Accent

It is another small family car that is known to be both dependable and safe. Even though it consumes more fuel than other vehicles in the same tier, its power output is about 88 horsepower, giving you that much-needed extra kick. The car comes in both manual and automatic versions, so it gives users a chance to choose what they want to drive while in the UAE.

Opel Corsa

It is another car you can easily hire if you are in Dubai for a short stay. It is manufactured in Germany and sold in a variety of brands. The vehicle has a relatively powerful engine capable of producing 51 kW. This British car features a multi-point fuel-injected engine which allows it to compete with other top cars in the market.

Opel Corsa

Nissan Sunny

It is the former Datsun built by Nissan –a Japanese automaker. It goes by different names, including Nissan Latio in China, Nissan Sentra in the U.S., and Nisan Tsuru in Japan. Nissan Sunny rental Dubai is a luxury car that is economical as well. The vehicle is known for low fuel consumption and is the number one car of choice for people operating on a small budget.