Four Must Try Massage Treatments in Dubai

You can boost your overall health by visiting a spa. The massage therapies offered by many spas can give you a few hours of relaxation and supplement your wellness regimen. The demand for massage treatments is growing across the world. It is not an alternative approach to relieve muscular pain and spasm. Several research articles prove the positive impact of massage treatments on vital functions. This therapy can ease tension, boost blood circulation, alleviate anxiety, treat digestive disorders, help in sleep hygiene, and eliminate toxins. You can choose one of the following therapies to enhance your overall wellness.

Swedish Relax Massage

Swedish Relax Massage

It is considered as the best massage in Dubai because it is quite gentle on touch, highly calming, and soothing for everyone. Most of the professionals preferred this massage therapy for people who visit for the first time. They usually perform this technique by gently tapping their palms on muscular knots, stroking the tendons, and lifting the upper layer of muscles. The kneading, circular movements, and shaking involved in this massage treatment have proven to trim down stress in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, and back.

Hot Stone Massage

Lukewarm stones are used in this type of therapy. Your massage therapist will put stones on stressed areas and pressure points of your body. These smooth stones provide a wealth of benefits when pressed down on pressure points. A volcanic rock known as basalt is usually used which has a property of retaining heat for a long time. The knots in your muscles open up and tension releases when these warm stones are placed for a rub. This therapy eases tension in muscles, enhances blood flow in the body, and alleviates spasm and pain.

Couple’s Massage

You can enjoy a relaxing massage with your partner, loved one, family member, or a friend. It is the same as a general therapy of massage but has an extra benefit of relaxing the company. You can also avail discount offers and package deals when you choose a couple's massage. Your therapist will let you choose the massage you want, and you can also select a different type of massage for your partner.

Aromatherapy Massage‚Äč

Aromatherapy Massage

It is a type of Swedish massage in which pleasantly scented essential oils are used. These oils are extracted from plants and flora and mixed in regular massage oil. The scent will ease your nerves and promote relaxation. This massage has several healing properties. It can relieve depression, reduce muscular tension, boost overall mood, and alleviate pain. Your therapist will decide the type of aroma best-suited for you. However, you can also tell your preference.