Five Questions to Ask Your POS Display Manufacturer

A point of sale display is a perfect blend of marketing, advertising and sales promotion. These display units can be placed near checkout counters or in the merchandise aisle to help draw customers’ attention as well as highlight the product on shelf. A customized POS display means that you have invested too much time and money in making your brand known to your target audience, how your brand is perceived and influences buying patterns.

There are usually two types of POS systems. One is a traditional display unit while the other is a cloud-based system. A cloud-based POS system is very crucial for the success of business as it helps you monitor each and every store, keep track of pricing and inventories and much more. Below we have listed five questions that you must ask your POS manufacturer before investing in one.

POS Display‚Äč

How Much Will A POS Display Cost?

The most common question that you must ask is how much a POS display will cost you. Although it is difficult to know what the final cost will be, based on your requirements, the manufacturer will be able to give you a lump sum amount. Things like quantity, materials used, graphics, customization, and others can affect the final price of the POS display.

How Long Does It Take to Create A POS Display?

The next question that you must ask is how long it will take for them to create a pre-designed and customized POS unit. Most units can be delivered within 1-2 weeks of designing while customizing units can take more time in designing and delivering.

What Additional Features Can Be Added?

The most common error people make while buying a POS display is that they do not customize it based on their requirement and ends up settling for a mediocre POS display. Customized systems include features like graphics, lighting, acrylic or plastic or metal-based POS display and much more.

Cloud Based POS System

Can Your POS Display System Track Inventory?

If you are investing in a cloud-based POS system, then you can surely keep track of your inventory as each product comes with their own tags and barcodes that can help you keep tabs on availability, changes in prices and so much more.

What Are Your After Sales Service?

One of the biggest drawbacks for POS display manufacturers is poor after-sales services. You must ask how they can help if you’re transitioning from another company to theirs, 24/7 technical support, and much more.