Easy Hacks to Nail Your Job Interview

Academic qualification and professional experience are not enough to land a job anymore. While these are important, studies have pointed to the fact that individuals who adopt a stronger personality are more likely to find success when it comes to interviews. Apart from being presentable and courteous, what else sets one apart from the others? Well, first of all, you have to be 'human,' do not be ashamed of your flaws. Do not be hesitant to share your strengths and weaknesses with the interview board. But while doing so, be coy to not come off as someone who's completely helpless. Here are other tips suggested by a recruitment service in Riyadh that you can utilize.

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Mimic Body Language

Studies reveal that people tend to mirror the body language of people that they know. Therefore, when you mimic the interviewers' body language, they will subconsciously assume that they have established a rapport with you. Be professional; if you mimic your interviewer's every move with a comedic effect, you will most likely not get the job.

Remain Positive Throughout the Interview

The vibe you give out is reciprocated back to you. So, make sure you do your best to spread positive vibes throughout the interview, and the interviewer will leave being happy too. Nonverbal cues mostly influence emotions you catch off others. Smile, laugh, do anything to avoid being in a somber mood.

Try & Be Happy

Have you ever heard of reciprocity liking? Research suggests that a person will reciprocate your behavior towards them if they believe that you feel the same about them too. Pretending you like them will not work. What you do is find a something you like about an interviewer and capitalize on that. The best way is to envision them doing something you do, like spending time with their loved ones.

Do Not be a Negative Individual

Instead of trashing your previous employers or colleagues, try to talk about the positives of your last employer. Why? Because people will associate what you tell them about others with your personality. If you say that your boss was rude, they'll think you were the one with an attitude. But if you stick to positive thoughts, they will associate that behavior with you.

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Play Hard to Get

Do not be too soft/needy or seem desperate. You should always hold your emotions back a bit. Play it cool during the initial stages of the interview. Then, you can open up as the conversation moves forward and you and your interviewer can get to know each other. Also, remember to end the interview with a sentimental compliment.