Corian is an Increasing Trend in Dubai

In this new age the trend of advertising is increasing day by day, every successful company or business has gone through the process of advertising and even doing it now. With the arrival of new companies and products the competition between businesses has been increased a lot and to be best in market one have to strive hard to be the best. And in order to become the best you have to promote yourself as much as you can and this is where advertising is required. It is necessary for the promotion and attention of consumers. By this, you can imagine the importance of advertising companies. Many ad agencies are working for this sole purpose but you must be aware of those who are actually not what they claim about and always go for the best which is none other than you and eye advertising company. Our advertising company works in versatile ways like

  • Event branding
  • Retail branding
  • Fabric works
  • Graphic and digital printing
  • Acrylic stands
  • Exhibition stands
  • Display stands

Display stands and exhibition stands are the advertising types of new age. With increased modernization new advertising ideas have also been developed and these are the one. This form of advertising is used widely all over the world by best advertising companies and You and Eye is one of them, which is known to be best in this perspective. In display and exhibition stand Corian Dubai worktops are used which you will find nowhere better than our company.

Corian works

Corian is basically the name of solid surface material which is made up of acrylic alumina trihydrate (material derived from Bauxite ore) and polymer. It was first formed by E. I. du Pont de Nemours and a company known as DuPont. Basic use of this material is in the countertops like kitchen countertops or bench tops surface. It was created for first-time in 1967 and since then it is widely implied in various activities and one of its roles is also in our advertising company. Thickness wise it comes in three sizes

  • 6 millimeters
  • 12 millimeters
  • 19 millimeters

Benefits of using Corian worktops

The first benefit of Corian Dubai worktops is that they are completely non-porous which is why Corian is the preferable material for the usage as worktops. Also, they are stain resistant that makes them perfect to be used as other countertops even after claiming of being stain removable develop stains but with Corian you would not have a worry in your life regarding this. Another benefit of using Corian is that they are also replaceable and renewable. Even though they come with the warranty of 10 years but after all these years if you want to change them or have some different idea of them in mind you can easily change them too. The other benefit of Corian Dubai is that they are thermoformable and can easily remold into any shape you desire and can easily bend making work easy for everyone.

Now with all the facts laid out to you, you have to assess which company to go for.